DC Preparation For 2017 Snow Fall

APWA Reporter DC Snowfall

APWA Reporter 2017Snow season can be a stressful time, especially when snowstorms have the ability to take over entire cities. Washington, D.C.’s 2016 “Snowzilla” is one example of a severe snowstorm, dumping over two feet of snow on the city and shutting down over seventy-five highway miles. While snowstorms are unpredictable and it’s impossible to know what each snow season will bring, proper preparation is essential for reducing the effects of a bad season. In an attempt to plan for this year’s snow season and the severe snow and ice that comes with it, the District of Columbia has been bringing in snow and ice removal experts in order to give advice to the city and help them plan for storms of even greater magnitude than the “Snowzilla”.

Diana Clonch, former Assistant Administrator of Maintenance for the Ohio Department of Transportation, is one of these snow and ice experts that will help Washington, D.C. plan a snow season that runs more smoothly. She’s offered her expert advice, feedback, and reflections to the District of Columbia’s community to ensure that they’re prepared for anything that the 2018 snow season may throw at them. Experts like Diana can provide cities with information and tips that allow peace of mind as the snow season quickly approaches. You can read the full article here.