Public Speaking and Presentations

Providing services for small and large groups alike related to operations and management within public works and for all areas of snow and ice control for winter maintenance.

Snow and Ice Training

Offering an overview of all aspects of snow and ice control for the respective level of associated responsibility. Customized training available upon request.

  • Operators and Frontline Management
  • Winter Operations Management
  • Manager and Administrator
  • Materials and Applications
    • Liquids
    • Pre-wetting
    • Anti-Icing

Operations Review, Evaluation, and Implementation

Assistance with review and evaluation of existing processes, procedures, and policies as related to best practices and implementation of new technology.

  • Winter Maintenance Consulting
  • Written snow and ice plan (operation and management plan) review, evaluation and/or development
  • Operations review, evaluation and/or strategic planning
  • Implementing Liquids Production and Application
  • Snow and Ice Fleet Calibration
  • Workforce Review and Development
  • Innovative Technology Review and Recommendations

Contract Review, Development and Administration

Assistance with contract review, development, and administration for products and services associated with snow and ice control.

  • Government Contracts   Providing review and evaluation for creating win-win language, comparison to best practices, and assistance with new contract development and administration.
  • Independent Contractors   Assistance with contract interpretation, understanding performance requirements, and fulfillment of contract obligations.

Special Project Management

Providing contract management services for all phases of public works and winter maintenance related projects and contracts.